Beautify Your Yard Your Unique Style

Beautify Your Yard Your  Unique Style

A Guide to Selecting a Privacy Screen for Your Unique Style - Royal Shade

Privacy is a coveted commodity nowadays. In a bustling world with long lines, vast crowds, and scads of ever-watching social media followers, sometimes you need a minute to yourself. When you think about your outdoor leisure spaces, are you satisfied with the level of privacy they provide? If not, you're in the right place! Let's talk today about your options when it comes to outdoor privacy screens and the various different styles and methods available. Whether you're looking to shield your neighbor's view of your patio or you want to give your customers privacy of their own in your commercial space, we've got you covered! Take a look below at our guide to selecting the right privacy screen for your unique needs and your unique style with Royal Shade.

Basic Privacy Fence Screens
Standard Privacy Screen

Let's start with the basics, shall we? If you're looking for a solid, utilitarian privacy solution with a clean, simple look, you'll find it in a Basic Privacy Fence Screen from Royal Shade. These cost-effective and traditional fence screens will give you or your customers the privacy needed at a great price. These privacy fence screens are especially great for commercial use like baseball or soccer fields, outdoor practice fields, and golf courses. You'll find all you need when you take it back to basics!

Artificial Ivy Hedge
Artificial Ivy Hedge

If you're looking to ensure privacy while adding an element of sophisticated charm to your yard or patio, an Artificial Ivy Hedge from Royal Shade is a great option for you. With classic ivy foliage, these elegant looking hedges offer visual privacy as well as a bit of shade from the scorching sun. They are also low maintenance and avoid the common issues associated with live ivy, like brown leaves and pest problems. These are great options to use as a perimeter for your yard, as a privacy screen for your deck or patio, or as a simple and unique décor piece for your pool area. Privacy never looked so refined!

Portable Partitions
Photo Credit: Dmitry Volskiy via Pexels

You may have seen some recent trends in home décor that include handy portable partitions. These fun pieces are certainly great for Pinterest DIYers that are looking to revamp or redecorate their homes. However, these versatile privacy screens aren't limited to use inside the home. They are also great privacy additions to your patio, deck, or your outside lounging area. Portable partitions can be used to offer privacy, hide unsightly areas, and they can give a comfy and homey feel to an otherwise bare-feeling space. Whether you love a simple farmhouse look, a distressed-trendy style, or a clean and simple decorative display, portable partitions are incredibly adaptable and they can add a splash of style to your outdoor space.

Living Wall
Photo Credit: Jeeheon Cho

It's been said that it's good for the soul to have living things in every area of your home. That includes your outdoor space! While there's typically no shortage of plants and other living things outdoors, that's not always the case when it comes to outdoor living spaces. Patios and decks are often bare and they are left with an empty feel while surrounded by wooden or concrete materials. If you're a nature lover or an avid gardener, you know that won't do for your outdoor space. Well, you may be partial to the style of this next privacy screen option. A living wall partition offers efficient privacy while displaying your favorite plants or flowers. These partitions are typically made from a metal or wooden frame and they have built-in planters for your living plants to reside in. They can also be custom-made for your unique preferences and for the unique needs of your plants. These privacy walls are wildly popular and they add a spark of life to your outdoor space.

Metal Wall Screens
Photo Credit: Christopher Barr

This next option when it comes to privacy screens is a great pick for you if you are partial to a simple look with a sleek and modern feel. Metal wall screens are easy to set up and are great for blocking the visibility of pool equipment, HVAC systems, or other typical eyesores in your outside area. Their sturdy construction is durable and long-lasting while the metal material is visually appealing with a clean and simple appearance. These privacy screens do take up a bit of space so they are best suited for larger outdoor areas.

Trees and Bushes
Photo Credit: Creative Vix via Pexels

Do you tend to prefer a more natural and traditional appearance to your outdoor area? Let's not forget the original and most basic option when it comes to backyard privacy. Nature! Nothing blocks views like foliage, folks. Planting bushes, shrubs, or trees around the perimeter of your outdoor area is certainly a big project, but your efforts will be rewarded with premium privacy and a lost-in-nature feel to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Curtains
Photo Credit: Laura Stanley via Pexels

Want to feel like you're lying back in a cabana on a tropical beach? While curtains in your outdoor area may seem like a strange or ineffective option, they really are a great addition to porches, gazebos, and even covered outdoor seating areas. Many outdoor curtains are made from durable, weather-resistant material so you can rest easy knowing they will last a long time. While offering great privacy (they work for windows, right?), outdoor curtains add a peaceful and romantic feel to your outdoor space. Enjoy the outdoors with a good book and a glass of good wine!

The Bottom Line

Having privacy in your outdoor space is a great feeling. When it comes to selecting a privacy screen option for your outdoor area, however, you don't need to sacrifice style for practicality. With so many beautiful and versatile options in the world of outdoor privacy screens, your unique style can absolutely play a role in the construction of your private, outdoor space. Are you partial to a sleek and modern look? Do you love the trendy DIY decorating fashions? Do you simply adore the look of elegant and refined décor? The sky is the limit when you're constructing your unique and private outdoor space to your personal needs and preferences. You can truly have your cake and eat it too - all while privately enjoying that fresh air!